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sobota, 7 listopada 2015

Arek Pasożyt w San Francisco... :)

Gauntlet Gallery San Francisco CA.
7 November 2015 – 5 December 2015
Curated by Sven Davis

Poland-based artist Parasite’s series of BlackThings paintings utilize found & existing paintings and prints as a canvas where traditional works are over-painted with brutal geometries.
The original context of the source paintings are changed and subverted with distorted volumes and masses of anti-image to create a new vocabulary.
Portions of the original image are retained by Parasite as he plays with our sense of perception – depth and dimension present a renewed allegory that emphasizes unfamiliar details within the framing of the existing image. Parasite distorts stories originally told by the like of Caspar David Friedrich, Egon Schiele, Maurice Utrillo, Paul Gauguin amongst others; and lends a new angle to abstraction within the setting of traditional portrait and landscape painting.
Powodzenia Arek !!!